Perspectives Mission vision and values



It will be a resistant and eternal path, moving through specialization, expertise, and technology regard to psychological principals and patient interest. We act in a way that quality of manner, commitment, and patient-centered services will be involved with the name of MEHRAEEN hospital.

We makes any effort to be honored  by our reputation, and our services be referred to respect, quality, and commitment.



Mission statement:

We have a mission to provide the very best health care, healing, diagnostic service and prevention; to advance the aim through investment for capacity development, innovation research, and expertise ; to improve the health and well-being of the diverse communities we serve in particular LAVASAN & ROODBAR_e_QASRAN.



To approach our goals and principals we establish these values:

.Respect for innovation and creativity at all levels of the organization and the different branches of activity

.Respect to clients, quality demands and his interests

  .Respect for the dignity as human beings and promoting participation of employees in different fields

.Quality-oriented thinking and respecting the quality

.Develop a culture of productivity

Developing long-term strategic and conscious attitudes.



Development, evaluation, and maintenance of the organization in long-term with appropriate profitable productivity.

Improvement of diagnosis, healing, and hospitalization abilities.

Attaining acceptable international norms.

Achieving the best quality in providing services to compete with best medical center in Tehran.

Development of regional trans-regional in marketing.

Increasing human resources management.

Clients satisfaction in terms of quality ,respect, and personal values.

Access to appropriate technology in competitive target market.

No 785 - Imam Khomeni Blv - Lavasan - Iran